ASSIMILATE Announces SCRATCH Product Family on Mac OS X NAB 2011: ASSIMILATE (, the leading provider of powerful post-production tools for digital workflows, announced today that is bringing its next generation of SCRATCH high-performance, data-centric, dailies and DI products to Mac OS(r) X. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Audio File Processing By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland continues looking at editing audio in Logic Pro and audio file editing in the Sample Editor. He shows how to get to the sample editor by double clicking on a region and using the W key on the keyboard to get to the Sample Editor. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Flex Tips By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen details some quick tips using the Flex feature, including time stretching an entire audio region, aligning a flex marker in your current track using transient markers from another track, and more. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Quantize Audio By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen details how to Quantize audio with the Flex technology in Logic Pro 9, which enables you to perform the same process with digital audio. He shows how to enable the flex mode to use the Quantize feature in Logic Pro 9. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Flex View By Damian Allen The Flex View is where you will do most of your audio tweaks. In this clip, host Damian Allen details the features of the Flex view, how to activate it, how to activate and deactivate tracks, how to access the Flex menu. He also covers the tempophone and Speed modes. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: The Flex Tool By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen takes a look at Flex Editing in Logic Pro 9, a featur similar in functionality to elastic audio in other applications. He details two ways of working the Flex System, using the Flex tool, or the Flex View. He starts this lesson by looking at the Flex Tool. ...Read More »
Reaper DAW By Mike Jones Much like video editing systems, the tools for crafting, mixing, and multi-tracking digital audio projects - be they music, audio or sound for video endeavours - have reached a very mature stage in their development and evolution as technologies. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) market has grounded itself in all-digital workflows and common production practices whilst, at the same time, diversified into an array of major players. ...Read More »
Apple's Soundtrack Pro 3 By Kevin McAuliffe Soundtrack Pro 2 was a great application. You could harness its power for not only Final Cut Pro timelines, but for any editing application that could export an OMF file. What Apple had essentially given us was a professional, production-ready application to take any audio project to the next level. But, I had one concern. Where would it go from there? ...Read More »
Apple updates Final Cut Studio Apple has updated its Final Cut Studio suite of professional creative applications with more than 100 new features, as well as new versions of its Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color and Compressor applications. ...Read More »
Bias Peak Pro XT 6 for Macintosh By Heath McKnight Bias Peak Pro XT 6 is a powerful set of audio production and mastering software applications for the Mac. You can create and master music, mix audio, fix bad sound, and so much more. This is unbelievably great software and should be a part of every Mac audio professional's digital toolbox. ...Read More »
Doing Professional Quality Voice Overs In The Comfort Of Your Own Home By Kevin McAuliffe Being an editor who works out of a home office, I have a few major advantages over large and small post production facilities. First, I can beat the price (even a discounted price) that any post facility can offer. Second, my rates include both SD and HD editing, motion graphics, sound mixes and DVD creation, and finally, I am there for my clients not only during the day, but evenings and weekends as well. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4's Heal Tool By Kevin McAuliffe As an editor, I run into many problems in my day to day work. One that always creeps up from time to time is when a DOP has gone out and shot a talent stand-up, and has come back, and the extro throw has a huge hit of distortion in it and, of course, they only did one take. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training: What is Digital Audio By Sven-Erik Seaholm In this video, host Sven-Erik Seaholm talks about what digital audio is and how it looks and sounds in Adobe's Soundbooth CS4. He covers how various instruments such as drums and the electric guitar sound, and look via Soundbooth's spectral frequency display. He discusses what frequencies are and how they look, as well as how the spectral frequency display works as opposed to the waveform display. He also talks about bit depth and sample rates. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Track Automation By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland continues on with Track Automation in Logic Pro and covers more features, including Automation groups, Insert Bypassing, Output Automation, Convert MIDI to Automation, and Quick Access. ...Read More »
Sonopedia: The Encyclopedia of Sound Effects By Kevin McAuliffe A while back, I took a look at Sound Ideas Ultimate SFX Collection on Hard Drive, and I liked it. On the heels of that review, I was contacted by a representative at Blastwave FX who had read my review, and they let me know that they have their own sound effects collection called Sonopedia (The Encyclopedia of Sound Effects) on hard drive, and wanted to know if I was interested in taking a look. I said "absolutely", and in no time flat, I was powering it up to give it a spin. Let's see how things went. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Grouping and Master Output By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland discusses grouping and master output in Logic. He also covers Group Settings, Group Clutch, and Mastering Effects. He shows how to use groups in the mixer window in order to control multiple channels at once. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Bussing and Panning By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland takes a look at Logic's Bussing and Panning tools, and covers such aspects as imaging your mix, bussing options, and auxiliary channels. Patrick creates a Logic project, with aq drum recording, a bass recording and an acoustic guitar recording, no effects, and center panned, to demonstrate how to use bussing and panning to create more depth and width in the actual recording. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Inserts and Effects By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland takes a look at Logic's mixing capabilities, including Logic's Inserts and Effects, effects presets that come with Logic, copying plug-ins, and the pre-sets library. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Mixing Audio By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland discusses mixing audio. He discusses the Audio Mixer, Environment Mixer, Creating Channels, and Managing Busses. He covers the two different types of mixers in Logic, that basically do the same thing but have slightly different interfaces. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: The Score Editor By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland takes a look at the Score Editor, gives you an overview and shows where everything is to get started with Score Editing. He details how to get to the Score Editor via Preferences. ...Read More »
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