Abaltat Muse 2.0 By Kevin McAuliffe As producers and editors know, the one thing that can completely tank your promo, show or short film is a bad piece of music. The problem is that having a piece of music composed for your show can be expensive, and picking a piece of music out of a stock library can be hit and miss. You could find an awesome track, and then go home and hear the exact same piece of music on the new "Burger Joint" commercial. ...Read More »
Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core Mac Pro By Heath McKnight Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core (8-cores total!) Mac Pro is one of Apple's fastest computers yet. With the capability to run with 32GB RAM, an excellent graphics card (or two), and terabytes of storage, no job is too big for this beast to handle. ...Read More »
Western Digital`s MyBook Studio II By David Basulto It s funny how things work themselves out. As I have been shooting more and more in high definition I kept finding myself running out of storage space. I filled the MacPro with as much hard drive space as it would hold but that still wouldn t suffice the hunger my media had. ...Read More »
Ableton Live 7: Time to Control Your Beats By Josh Falcon I've been working with live 7 for the past 3 weeks now and some of the other new features I've been playing with are pretty amazing. One of my new favorites is the increased Tempo Control Live 7 offers. These are specifically useful for those of you who are playing out live DJing or with a band. ...Read More »
Bias Inc.'s SoundSoap Pro 1.2 By Kevin McAuliffe Whether it's the hum of an air conditioning unit or buzz from a bad audio cable, clients are looking to us to get rid of it. In my opinion, the "noise removal" tool in Soundtrack Pro 2 just doesn't cut it. That's where SoundSoap Pro 1.2 (SSP) from Bias Inc. can step in to help us. Let's see if this tool from Bias Inc. will be the tool of choice for getting rid of noise from your project. ...Read More »
ableton live 7 By Josh Falcon Alright all you Ableton users and those of you not lucky enough to have yet indulged, the Ableton Live 7 release is packed with some amazing new features. Today's favorite is defined by Ableton as Slicing. Have you ever had a great beat and you want to slice it up quickly so you could resample it or change the rhythm? Welcome to Slicing. ...Read More »
Ableton Live 7 By Ko Maruyama I'm sitting in a studio with Metier Music musician Josh Falcon getting the walkthrough of Ableton Live 7 on a Mac. Now I know how all of those graphic producers feel when they say they want to try lean over and draw with the stylus. Ableton has added features to Live 7 that make it fit just as easily into the video studio as it does on stage. ...Read More »
Contour Design's ShuttlePro By Mike Jones For those working in video and digital media production, it's very easy to get carried away with the technology. Faster CPU's, more RAM, bigger monitor screens, the latest software suites - these are all very nice but so often it's not these things that really make the difference in our day to day work. Very often it`s the little things that make for greater efficiency in production. It's this concept that a device such as Contour Design's ShuttlePro seeks to invoke. ...Read More »
Sony Music and Sound FX Loops By Heath McKnight What`s really great about the many loops available from Sony Creative Software is that they`re able to be used in other Sony Creative Software apps, along with other Windows and Mac (yes, Mac!) applications. ...Read More »
Ubercaster makes podcasting simple By David Basulto At this years Macworld, one of the booths I knew I wanted to visit was Pleasant Software. The German company had a product that was a must see for me. As a podcaster I have longed for something easy to use and powerful. I was tired of using Garageband and sick of deleting the gigantic files it would save. ...Read More »
Mac OS X Leopard By Kevin McAuliffe The much hyped release of Apple's newest operating system has come and gone, and much like everyone else, I'm a fanboy at heart, and can never wait to just jump right in and see what Apple has brought to the table. But...I'm also a realist and know that nothing ever works quite right with version 10.5, so I've been working for a while with 10.5.0 and 10.5.1, and have been very impressed and a little annoyed at the same time. Let's see what Apple has gotten us, the users, into! ...Read More »
Fabrik`s SimpleTech DuoPro 2TB storage system By John Virata Designed for digital media professionals as well as those who have lots of data to store, such as the average tech savvy family with five computers, a Mac and a Media Center PC on a single network, the DuoPro is a Mac/PC hard disk drive system that is designed to store and protect your data. ...Read More »
Logic Studio By Kevin McAuliffe For a while now, we, as video editors, have been spoiled. Final Cut Studio gives us six excellent applications that cover everything we need to get our jobs done, and Apple gives them to us at an exceptional price ($1299). But something is missing. What about our friends in the sound world? Up until this point, they have had Logic Pro for music creation, but what they really need is a package that gives them music creation, editing, mixing and finishing all in one package. Their wait is over. ...Read More »
MacBook Pro 17-inch 2.4GHz notebook computer By Heath McKnight Apple does it again with their MacBook Pro, professional laptop computers, offering ultra-bright LED displays (light emitting diodes), faster processors, a 1920 x 1200 17-inch display option for those working in high definition aspect ratios, and much more. If youre looking for a workhorse laptop, this is it! ...Read More »
Apple Mac Pro 3.0GHz Quad By Heath McKnight The Mac Pro 3GHz system from Apple is a remarkably fast system, packing quite a punch for video editors and graphics creators. Its reasonably quiet compared to the old Power Mac G5 systems (the final dual-2.7GHz system, which shipped as the first Quad came out, had loud fans), and can get the job done fast. Just one note, though, buy yourself plenty of RAM to handle high definition jobs! ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 By Heath McKnight At the 2007 NAB show in Las Vegas, Apple introduced several new pro video products, including Final Cut Server and Final Cut Studio 2, with new versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, LiveType, Compressor, Cinema Tools and a new product called Color, which is a high end color grading and finishing application (DVD Studio Pro wasnt updated, however). ...Read More »
Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition By John Virata There are situations in computing when you need more display real estate than you can get out of your notebook or desktop display. For desktop users, you have more choices in finding solutions. Graphics cards that support dual displays are widely available in a range of price points. For notebook computer users, your choices are few. ...Read More »
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5 By David Basulto As I began the finishing touches on my film ?Fiesta Grand I came to a point where I really needed some music for a few scenes that I didnt intend to have music. The challenge was I had no more budget for any extra music. My fellow filmmakers pointed me in the direction of a program that just introduced a huge upgrade. I thought I would give it a try; after all, there was a free trial available on their website. Welcome to SmartSounds Sonicfire Pro 4.5. ...Read More »
Total Training Online By Kevin McAuliffe Training is a big thing for me. Once I pick up a new product on the market, I want to know the ins and outs of what it can do as quickly, efficiently and as thoroughly as possible. For me, whether I was using After Effects, Photoshop or learning Final Cut Pro, I always had my Total Training DVDs (or VHS tapes if we're going way back) by my side. Total Training (TT) has now ventured out into new, uncharted waters. Online Training. Let's see how the world's best digital media training tools work on the web. ...Read More »
Automatic Duck Pro Export FCP 3.0 By Kevin McAuliffe In my previous article, I took a look at Automatic Duck Pro Import FCP 2.0 for Final Cut Pro, and how it is an essential tool for FCP editors to keep them competitive in today's post world. Looking back at the article, there is one problem. I talked about how PI2FCP bridged the gap between Avid and FCP, but it seems that bridge was a one way street . . . Or was it? ...Read More »
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