Ci Design's iStorage Pro iT8MIS 8 bay Mini SAS JBOD System By Kevin McAuliffe As a tech writer, I am lucky to have companies approach me to look at their products, and after looking at a competitor's product, I was approached by Ci Design to look at their iStorage Pro Mini SAS JBOD hard drive array. Since I'm always on the lookout for the best product for what I need to get done, I jumped at the chance. Here's how it turned out. ...Read More »
3.06 GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro By Heath McKnight I recently had a chance to review the latest, top-of-the-line unibody MacBook Pro from Apple; with a 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and many other great features, this is the fastest Apple laptop I've ever used. ...Read More »
Blue Room Shoots Five Spots For NFL.Com Fantasy Files and Reebok Produced by Blue Room, the award-winning NFL Fantasy Files have been reopened. Filmed for and Reebok, the viral campaign began rolling out one spot a week on July 20 on, NFL Network s Total Access and Designed to incite fantasy football signups and interest for, the series of five :30 spots features NFL stars: Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens), Santonio Holmes (Pittsburgh Steelers), Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars), Darren Sproles (San Diego Chargers) and Kevin Boss (NY Giants). ...Read More »
13-inch MacBook Pro By John Virata Over the years, I've had always had access to a Macintosh computer, starting way back with the PowerBook 140, to the dual 450 G4, to a 15-inch MacBook Pro with illuminated keyboard. I used the systems for testing the latest software from Adobe, Apple and others. I've never really became a Mac user, because I have been using Windows computers since 1994 and became used to that OS. But the new MacBooks piqued my interest in part because of their use of aluminum. ...Read More »
Bud Light Lime Serves-Up Summer State of Mind in High-Profile Broadcast Spots from Stardust and DDB Chicago Bicoastal U.S. creative production company Stardust Studios is very proud to detail its close collaborations with the creative team from DDB Chicago for Bud Light Lime. For the project, one :30 and two :15 design-intensive broadcast spots entitled "The Summer State of Mind" created by Stardust debuted on May 10 during high-profile U.S. primetime broadcast coverage, like the 2009 NBA playoffs, and continue to air widely. ...Read More »
Doing Professional Quality Voice Overs In The Comfort Of Your Own Home By Kevin McAuliffe Being an editor who works out of a home office, I have a few major advantages over large and small post production facilities. First, I can beat the price (even a discounted price) that any post facility can offer. Second, my rates include both SD and HD editing, motion graphics, sound mixes and DVD creation, and finally, I am there for my clients not only during the day, but evenings and weekends as well. ...Read More »
Introducing the Red Bull Big Tune Webisodic Series and BET TV Special Innovative motion design and production company Monkeyhead is very proud to detail its opening titles and custom graphics package created for the Red Bull Big Tune documentary webisodic series, and for the forthcoming Big Tune Documentary Special set to air in April on BET. ...Read More »
G-Technology's G-Drive mini SSD 120GB By John Virata When I first reviewed an 8MB flash based USB thumb drive from M-Systems and IBM back in 2001, I was astounded at its durability. I dropped the device, went surf fishing with it and got it wet, and basically abused it until the plastic casing came off and all that was left was the memory module and the USB arm. It still works today, but at 8MB, it has since been replaced by several drives at varying capacities. ...Read More »
HowAudio Motu Digital Performer and File Management: Saving a File By Les Brockmann In this clip, HowAudio host Les Brockmann takes a look at how to save a file. He discusses how to save using the keyboard command, and how anytime you do something in your DP project and make a small change, adding, subtracting, editing, it is a good idea to save your work. He covers the Save command, Save as, Save a Copy as, Save as template, and compact project. ...Read More »
How to convert MOD Files on the Mac or import MOD Files into iMovie By WIKI If you have JVC Everio with 30GB hard drive, how do you convert MOD Files so I can import them into imovie? MOD is a computer file format used primarily to represent music, and was the first module file format. MOD files use the ".MOD" file extension, except on the Amiga where the original trackers instead use a "mod." prefix scheme, e.g. "mod.echoing". ...Read More »
Smartsound Sonicfire Pro 5 Tutorials: Scoring Edition overview By Larry Jordan Larry Jordan takes you on a tour of the powerful timeline-based interface of the Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition. Learn your way around the different windows: Timeline, Properties, VU Meters, Bin/Spotting, and Video. Larry also gets started with a project so you can see the basic functionality. ...Read More »
iMUFFs wireless headphones By John Haley If you like music then headphones are something you can't leave your home without. If you are an iPhone owner, then you possibly still may be using the white corded ones which came with your purchase, don't think you aren't limited to just that, there are more options which sounds a lot better, you may thinking the corded ones are your only option, and if you have a first generation iPhone, you'll have to get the little adapter. Yet lately I have been playing around with something new, and believe it or not, they are cord free ...Read More »
Sound Ideas Ultimate SFX Collection On Hard Drive By Kevin McAuliffe As editors know, half of completing your show is the video, and more and more, sound design is becoming a huge part of small to full size productions. In the good old days, editors used to have to sift through tons and tons of CDs, and a very large catalogue to find just the right sound for an element in the show they are working on. ...Read More »
MacSpeech Dictate: I say it here, it comes out there By Ko Maruyama MacSpeech Dictate version 1.2 is the latest software build that allows you to dictate directly into your Mac with impressive accuracy. So, with limited editorial, I will attempt to write this entire article using only MacSpeech Dictate, using the keyboard as little as possible. I'm speaking this right now... ...Read More »
Switching from the PC to a Mac: The Gotchas, Part 3 By Robert Jensen Once you've successfully transferred all your emails, contacts, documents, and media files on to your Mac you can turn to your software - and our next Gotcha! There are the obvious problems, such as your favorite PC program or utility not being available in a Mac version but with a bit of searching on sites like I'm sure you'll find something that does a similar job. ...Read More »
Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core Mac Pro By Heath McKnight Apple's 2.8Ghz dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core (8-cores total!) Mac Pro is one of Apple's fastest computers yet. With the capability to run with 32GB RAM, an excellent graphics card (or two), and terabytes of storage, no job is too big for this beast to handle. ...Read More »
Western Digital`s MyBook Studio II By David Basulto It s funny how things work themselves out. As I have been shooting more and more in high definition I kept finding myself running out of storage space. I filled the MacPro with as much hard drive space as it would hold but that still wouldn t suffice the hunger my media had. ...Read More »
Ableton Live 7: Time to Control Your Beats By Josh Falcon I've been working with live 7 for the past 3 weeks now and some of the other new features I've been playing with are pretty amazing. One of my new favorites is the increased Tempo Control Live 7 offers. These are specifically useful for those of you who are playing out live DJing or with a band. ...Read More »
ableton live 7 By Josh Falcon Alright all you Ableton users and those of you not lucky enough to have yet indulged, the Ableton Live 7 release is packed with some amazing new features. Today's favorite is defined by Ableton as Slicing. Have you ever had a great beat and you want to slice it up quickly so you could resample it or change the rhythm? Welcome to Slicing. ...Read More »
Contour Design's ShuttlePro By Mike Jones For those working in video and digital media production, it's very easy to get carried away with the technology. Faster CPU's, more RAM, bigger monitor screens, the latest software suites - these are all very nice but so often it's not these things that really make the difference in our day to day work. Very often it`s the little things that make for greater efficiency in production. It's this concept that a device such as Contour Design's ShuttlePro seeks to invoke. ...Read More »
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