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iMUFFs wireless headphones

Listen to your iPhone without the wire By John Haley
If you like music then headphones are something you can't leave your home without. If you are an iPhone owner, then you possibly still may be using the white corded ones which came with your purchase, don't think you aren't limited to just that, there are more options which sounds a lot better, you may thinking the corded ones are your only option, and if you have a first generation iPhone, you'll have to get the little adapter. Yet lately I have been playing around with something new, and believe it or not, they are cord free.

The small portable headphones are called iMuffs (MB220), which is a pretty fun name for what they can do. There isn't anything to challenging for how they work, one end goes into the end of your iPhone and the other curves around the back of your head and rests just above your ears. Finally I can sit up from my desk without having to worry about the ear buds popping out of my ears and having the cord wrapping around my workspace getting in my way. The Company Wi-Gear are the makers of iMuffs and brought an all new toy for the iPhone, and with everyone is getting sick of dealing with cables, and spending the time untangling them, this is a sure a change, they comes in two colors, WHITE and BLACK.

What really impressed me was how quickly I was able to use them right out of the box, though I did have to fully charge up the headset, yet I did that though the small USB cable which was included. After the charge I plugged in the iMuff Adapter into the bottom of my phone, and then turned the power switch on the the right ear of the iMuff Headset.

The most helpful feature, well at least to me is the most common control for any iPod device, would be the Ergonomic controls on the right ear piece. You don't know how many times someone walks up to you and starts talking and normally I would just take the headphones off, but since I have the option for PAUSE my music, I simple just hot the bottom without even looking at my phone which is still in my pocket.  Yet say you missed your favorite instrumental in the song, because you lowered your headphone and forgot to pause, just push and hold the REWIND BUTTON and find a good place to here you can hear that again, simple as that. Don't forget the volume control, with your thumb, it is easy to reach up and up the little knob up or down.

I've been wearing them off and on during work and I hardly notices that I have anything on my head, they are very lightweight as far a headphones go, and a flexible plastic which is durable which I haven't had any troubles with. The wireless distance has been working out pretty well.  It has a pretty good given range: to where I can walk anywhere around where I felt safe leaving my phone by itself.

The main thing you have to get used to is having the little adapter in your iPhone, you have to make sure you bring it with you if you plan on using your iMuffs. The Adapter is pretty lightweight but for quick storage you maybe have to put it in your pocket. What worked for me when I had the iPhone in my pocket and walking around running errands was having the top part of the iPhone face down in my pocket, since the other didn't seem to be to sturdy and I didn't want it to break off.

Although the iMuffs come with a hefty $149.99 price tag, a little checking around will reveal that its competitors are about the same price.  Plus, iMuffs win when it comes to the compact size of the adapter and overall audio quality.

If you have plenty of errands you have to do for instance laundry, yet your are still at the laundry matte and you are folding you nice warm cloths. With the iMuffs you won't have to worry about have the worries of the cord tugging or tangling with your laundry. Plenty of times I've had my ear buds just pop out of my ear which gets stressful after a few times. Yet you may find yourself dancing in front of everyone at the laundry matte if you get really into the song you're listening to. I'm sure you can find other listening to your music cable free, we all have hobbies and love out music by our side. I'm sure you can spot plenty of people out there tucking their wire through their shirts or pockets, I did just the other night at the gym.

I believe I mentioned above that the iMuffs also work at answering calls. It's true. On the right ear muff there is a tiny mic which pics up your voice when you have a call, don't think you have to spend the extra time to reach in your pocket to answer it, just use the controls on the side or you iMuff to answer your calls.  If you are a MAC user running 10.5 (leopard) you are able to pair your iMuffs to your computer and listening to your music over the iMuffs, yet it doesn't stop there, you can also use them to talk over iChat or Skype!

The overall experience I have had with the iMuffs has been pretty  good, they have fit in my lifestyle really well and work for me on multiple occasions. I actually saw a friends of mine at work with a pair also, and he had good things to say. The features work well and I got to enjoy my music on the go and behind the computer. Charging is no issues to where I can charge the headset thought USB or the wall with supplied adapter. They are lightweight and the controls are simple.

There are a few down sides to the iMuffs  headphones. First they aren't noise canceling, which means I can hear a lot of chatting in public places, and though it isn't terrible thing, and usually those headphones aren't as portable, and can be a bit larger. Second is the iMuff adapter you have to use to plug into your iPhone or iPod, the issue isn't dealing with the end sticking out of the device, or the size. The problem is making sure I don't loose it, since it is small and can get lost, dropped which may lead to damage, or misplaced, which leave you with nose music at all. Most of us are always on the go and if we countlessly are always looking for the adapter, we may give up. Also the replacement price is just about half the cost of your whole purchase.  Lastly I noticed after several hours of listening to music with them on that the tops of my earlobes began to feel a little sore, though the iMuffs are extremely light weight, I think it was the constant resting of the plastic made it uncomfortable after a long period of time.

Right now I don't know any resellers for Wi-Gear, but you should highly consider taking a look at their website where you can order online and get free shipping.

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John Haley is a freelance video effects artist, and demo artist. Recent projects have included creation of animations for many of Mattel's Sizzle Reels, designing motion slates, and animation of the Air Quality Index for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He has worked on promo, commercial and music video compositing as well. John is a graduate of Video Symphony's Motion Graphics Program in Burbank, CA.
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